Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halloween meets 7 Gypsies Artist Painter's Tray

Hi there!  Today I want to share with you the Halloween Artist Tray that I decorated with all things Rhonna Designs.  I love how easy it was to do and with very little effort, well once I designed the pieces that I would add.  For those of you with some PSE (Photoshop Elements) experience you too can create your own digital art using Rhonna's kits as the base.
After I created my art I then laid them out on two sheets so that when I printed them out I could cut them easily and quickly without wasting cardstock.  I printed out one of my pages twice so that I could cut out two elements to pop them up with adhesive pop ups.  Those pieces were the happy halloween at the top right corner and the danger piece.  That is on the second row second from the left, I could have left them one dimensional but chose to cut out part of those cards out and double them up for added dimension.
That little skull piece on the bottom left I cut out using my silhouette as well as the BOOOO piece on the second row.  I used the Print and Cut feature as shown in my tutorial HERE for the BOOO and for the skull I used the cutting PNG files in the tutorial shown HERE.

Above you can see that I added a little bottle to one of the pieces, that bottle is from the Tim Holtz line and I have been hoarding saving it since last year.  I simply filled it with some water and vanilla extract for some color and then glued it on with a glue dot.  I really love how it turned out and how fab it looks with last years line so that all my pieces compliment each other.  The hubby was quite impressed too!

Hope you are inspired to create something Spooky fun for your family.

The tray is by 7 Gypsies and can be bought at various places but I have located it at Amazon HERE on sale too.  Hmmmm, maybe I should order another one to have on hand, ha!

I used various Kits when designing these and they are:

And as Rhonna likes to say.....Now, let's go cReate!


Crafty Texan said...

You did such a FANTASTIC job on this Nancy!! Love it!

Marci said...

ADORABLE!! You make it look so easy...wish we could have a craft night.:) xoxoxo!!

Arlene said...

You kill me! In a good way! I looked the tray up on Amazon over the weekend and I have to have one now! I love how you explain your projects so clearly. I can recommend them to friends that say they aren't crafty & they can make them. You are a star!

jamie said...

you added so much detail to this, girl. it is so much fun. and getting so much deserved and attention from your fans. how great is that? are indeed a rock star. and what a great tutorial too. you are so good about those!

royalbert867 said...

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