Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween Cards Made Easy

Hello there!  Just wanted to share with you three very easy cards that I created using some of this years Spooky line.  And I do mean easy to make and I think they will appeal to those of you who don't have a ton of extra time to create really over the top cards.  Don't be afraid to make projects that are easy and quick.  Besides, sometimes less is more.

Above you can see how I simply printed out some of the backgrounds from the Spooky Printable Background Kit found HERE.  I did apply some of the printed paper to some store bought white cards that I had on hand so that they would be a little more rigid.  But you could easily print them on some heavy card stock and cut them to size. Then I simply decorated them with some other elements found HERE and HERE.
The BOOO piece was super easy to cut out using my Silhouette. I simply set it up via my Silhouette software and printed them with registration marks then fed them through the Silhouette.  Just think, you could cut out a whole page of these and easily create a large batch of cards easily and quickly!

The little monster that you see on the front of this card is from the kit HERE.  I simply opened the PNG file in Photoshop Elements and then erased all the elements but that monster.  Then I saved it as it's own special monster.png file for my files.  I then went into my Silhouette software and opened that file then did the print and cup like I did for my BOOOO's.  

If you have any questions please drop me a line and I will be glad to help out!  You can find my email address on the right sidebar of my blog.

Y'all get to creating some BOOOO'licious cards!


jamie said...

very very creative and fun cards. you rock the silhouette for sure!

Unknown said...

Cute and simple card. Love that machine!

Rhonna Farrer said... are fab.

Marci said...

love these..that little monster dude is too cute. you make me want a silhouette!!

Barbara said...

Love.. cute and simple!