Monday, July 23, 2012

cReative Team Tuesday - Silhouette Cameo and Phonto meet Rhonna's Insta Lovin Kits

Hi there and welcome back! This week I am sharing the video tutorial on how you can use the PNG files from Rhonna's new Insta Lovin Kits with your Silhouette Cameo. 
The piece above is what I cut using the new InstaQuotes Kit via the PNG file with my Silhouette Cameo. 

You can watch the tutorial at my new Vimeo Channel found HERE to see how I used the PNG file from Rhonna's Insta Quote Kit. 

Then be sure to come back for part 2 of today's tutorial!
Using Phonto and Rhonna's Insta Lovin Kits as shown in the instagram photos below. You can click on any photo to see them in a larger size.

Your first step after purchasing the kits is to import them into your iPhone. You can visit our friend Lindzie HERE for great tutorials!  She has two, one showing for windows and another for Mac so be sure to scroll down for both.

And if you have an android and you want to use Phonto or PicsArt with Rhonna's True Type Fonts do the following.
1. Connect your phone to your computer where your Rhonna Designs Insta Lovin files are.
2. Locate the folder on your phone called Phonto/Fonts or PicsArt/Fonts (found on your SD card)
3. Then drag the fonts to those folders and once you unplug your phone and open apps they will load.
4. Be sure you are loading the TTF files

When uploading your instagrams that include Rhonna's digi we would love it if you added the following hashtag #rhonnadesigns  Thanks!

Ready for the video tutorial?! Then head over to my new Vimeo Channel found HERE and choose the video titled Rhonna Designs meets Phonto.

Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to leave any questions you have or drop me an email. If you do leave a comment be sure that it links back to your blog or leave a way to contact you.

You can find me on instagram as user nct621

Now, if you haven't visited Rhonna's blog be sure to as she will have other cReative Team members featured.  You don't want to miss out on all the fun! So go HERE

Don't want to watch the tutorials on the Vimeo channel? No problem, watch them below.

Using Rhonna Designs PNG Files with Cameo from Nancy Wyatt on Vimeo.

Rhonna Designs Meets Phonto from Nancy Wyatt on Vimeo.


jamie said...

Fabulous tutorial, Nancy. And look at that video! You have it all covered beautifully.
Thank you for sharing your creativity with us all.


Arlene said...

You are seriously amazing! Thanks for sharing so much! I couldn't get it to work last night, so I will try again. lol Can't wait for my upgrade! ;)

cinnibonbon said...

Jaw hits the floor!!! Grrr...This is too cool!

BTW...loving all your Bohek pics...I'm a big fan of it for sure!!

Arlene said...

ARGH...this makes me want an ipad, iphone, mac, talent, and all that...

jamie said...

Could you tell us your blade setting? For your buttah like cuts?
Thanks for your beautiful insight...again.

Crystal Farish said...

Hi Friend,

I installed all of the insta kits on my computer and phone. What i'm very confused about is the fact that I can't see what I purchased on my phone which makes it hard to create. How did you overcome this? Did you take a picture of what is contained in the kit and refer to it? It's hard to tell what letter corresponds with what image. What advise can you give me??

Sheila Kay said...

Nancy, you are doing an awesome job with the tutorials and videos. Keep them coming!!!

Jen Gull said...

I just downloaded this tonight, but can you explain how to use the frames and type on the banners? I cant seem to figure that out. Thank

Shannon said...
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Shannon said...

Great tutorial, thanks! What blade setting do you use in your Cameo when you're cutting files like these with your texturized Bazzil? Thanks! Shannon :)