Sunday, October 7, 2012

Using your Silhouette to cut out printed PNG files

Welcome back! Just a quick post to share with you my latest tutorials on how you can print then cut your fun and fab Rhonna Designs!

The Witches silhouette is from the Spooky Silhouettes Brush Kit which includes the files as .PNG files too so go HERE

The photo above shows what I used to cut in the tutorial.  I will then use some pop dots to apply it to that Spooky Backgrounds Printable.  Will look so cute in a frame, well with the glass removed of course.

Simply head on over to my Vimeo Channel located HERE to watch it.  And not to worry, you can always get to my Vimeo Channel by clicking on the link on my right side bar.  Or by searching for NancyWyatt on Vimeo.


Sheri Twing said...

Thanks so much for this Nancy! I think I can give it a try now! Hugs!

jamie said...

love your work, girl!

Hazel Audrin said...

A book marketing agency says that PNG graphics are made for the screen. You can print a PNG, but it would be better to use a JPEG (which loses quality) or TIFF file.

sarahali said...

According to noorani qaida, Select your image by clicking it, then go to the top menu and choose Object > Release Compound Path. After that, you can click to remove any "pieces" you don't want. When you're done, choose Object > Make Compound Path after selecting all of the desired image components with your mouse. It's a whole image once more.

Ella Elizabeth said...

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