Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Kaitlyn's Promise

For some years now I have heard about an amazing crop event that was held at a local church to help raise money for Drug Abuse awareness.  A mom had lost her daughter to "dusting" and so she promised Kaitlyn that she would raise awareness so that others would know how normal families are also affected by this. That drug touches all types of people, not just the ones that look like they are into drugs.  I finally got to attend the Crop this past weekend.  The event kept growing and so now they hold it at larger venues.  It was so awesome!  You get your own big table to sit at and they provide snacks and you can spend one or two days there having fun with your friends!! It's not just for scrapbookers either!! There were women there with their computers doing digital scrapbooking, some were sewing and I could see some doing mixed media there and more!  If you think you might want to learn more here is a link to their site HERE  At the very least will you hit the share buttons below and help me spread the word.  Thank you so much.


Jimy said...

This is a nice looking way to promote the place. Had there been more real photos of the camp rather than a brochure, maybe the viewer count would have been high. But not too bad.

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jerome said...

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