Saturday, March 22, 2014


Surprise!  I've been such a terrible blogger, I just lost my spunk.  Today I feel like being "REAL" just letting my thoughts spill out so here goes...

Life has been busy, I'm trying to put my focus on my photography business when I'm not at my full time job during the day.  I have to be honest, I get sad at times during the day because I'm not doing what I truly love.   Starting my business was scary, not knowing what others would think or say was scary.  I had hoped that it would bring me closer to some that are on the same path but it didn't.  But, it did bring me closer to those that were already far along in their path of photography.  I was so amazed how several friends came to me and wanted to mentor me.  I know we shouldn't depend on others to be our cheerleaders but come on….it is  only human to want for those that you love and care about to encourage you.  

So, when these women I barely knew reached out to me it was so amazing.  I don't go to them too often but when I do they are there ready and willing to help me see things in various ways.  For that I am so appreciative of their new friendships.  It's awesome to be able to throw around your ideas with someone who gets you.  And it's also awesome to be able to offer them some help in return too, who knew I could be of encouragement for existing photographers.  I have also been taking some online courses, reading lots of articles on how to run a business.  Taking photos is fun and it's what I love but I don't want forget about the business side because that is important too.  Getting contracts, packaging, it's all part of it and so trying to be sure to cover all my bases.

Then there is Project 365, I have been steadily taking my daily photos so far I have only used two photos not taken on the day that they were taken.  I am really doing my best to push myself to take a photo daily and sometimes when I think I won't have the shot it all works out.  It has been so much fun too and sharing it with friends via Instagram and FB has helped grow my friendships too.  Women, we women are such cool people.  I have come across all sorts of women too, sweet kind, downer types, pushy types, totally uplifting types and some that are sometimes too busy to reach out in return.  But, overall I have found that there are so many women that are ready to lift each other up.  And WOW, that is so important for us all.  

I've been missing some of my friendships to women from years ago and some from recent years.  Life gets busy and many just don't have the time to reach out.  I have always been the kind to reach out time and time again but lately I am just sad that it has to be me.  I guess I just have to learn that the saying not all friends are meant to be life friends is still true.  Again, that is when social media has helped me out.  I got sad when my friends didn't have time for me so I reached out and made more friends.  Lucky for me I found some local friends who do have time even if it is just a text now and then.  Life is precious and having my husband is awesome.  But, we girls need girlfriends and so still hoping to build a good relationship with some of the amazing ladies I have met over the last year.  It's time to stop chasing those that are too busy to reach out to me.  It's time to stop allowing the downers to consume my time.  It's time to only allow the women who are truly real occupy a place in my heart.

OK, my ranting is over for now.  I'm going to do my best to come back to blogging, we'll see how it goes.  Heck, there may not even be anyone out there anymore, ha!

And because I can't post without a photo, here is one I took last week on my way home one night after work.

Oh, before I sign off I wanted to mention that we are doing a master bedroom remodel, finally!  If you want to follow along just look me up on Instagram I'm @_nancywyatt  But, I will be sure to blog some of it too.  Bye for now.


Sheila Kay said...

Nancy, you have always been an inspiration to me. Sometimes I think I am in my own little world of digital scrapbooking as well as hybrid. I am happy to say, that you "get" me. Wish we lived closer, your Mississippi friend!

Jana said...

Love your photography!

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Your photography skill is excellent. Sometimes even I feel to let go of everything and just be me and laugh my ass off, but society does not let me. Wish I could be more like you. Lots of love.

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