Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Project 365 in 2014

Hello friends!  It's been way too long since I last blogged!  I have been keeping really busy but you can always find me on Instagram HERE.   I am in the process of getting my photography business going after a year of friends encouraging me.  I know it will be tough, my style isn't for everyone and I still have more to learn but I'm ready to start on a new adventure!  I chose "Brave" as this year's OLW to help me on this new adventure.

I'm still part of Rhonna Designs as a creative contributor so I will be back to creating projects with her amazing designs and sharing them here.  And of course I use them in instagram often, love creating my own art with her app!  I am actually using rhonna designs app to create small layouts with my P365 photos.  So fun and easy and I love how each month they will have a coordinating design below the photo.  Here is what I have so far and you can find them by searching this hashtag #nw2014p365 sadly I just saw someone tagged one of their photos with my custom hashtag so now i'm going to see a belly every time i pull up the hashtag. oy vey, i even checked it before I started to use it, lol.  Might need to rethink that hashtag.  Thanks for stopping in and Happy New Year!

Click on below collage to see in a larger size.


alicia king said...

yay! proud of you for going for it! people will love you for your creative style! git r DUN!

Emily Parlmer said...

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