Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halloween's around the corner

And I haven't had much time to work on cards, I had been working on christmas cards for the November Crafts Open house then IKE came. Since then I haven't had time to work on cards nor have I had the inspiration. I took 30 minutes this morning after having coffee and made some quick Halloween cards for my nieces and nephews. The large one is one I had made last week and the smaller card is one made for the boys. For times sake I did duplicate cards for all the boys and another design for the girls. I left that card out as I haven't finished it, it still needs a little something. The little buttons were found at Michael's on clearance for $1 however I forgot to watch the clerk and she charged me full price of $1.99. This weekend we worked on the roof, our neighbors helped out too. This weekend we took more breaks so to not over do it and still my darling husband worked so hard. Today I got on the roof with him later in the day after I had done my prep work for painting later this week. I was not as comfortable up there as I would have hoped but I stuck it out and we were able to work a little quicker wish I had gone up there sooner though. Oh, one last thing I tried out the UTEE by Ranger, Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel. I am not sure if I like it, super big particles and so it didn't seem to stick to my embossing ink. I really wanted the thick embossing powder (also by Ranger) I used when demonstrating for Rubbernecker stamps. Gotta get in touch with them and see if I can order it asap! If you have any tips for me on the enamel let me know. Hope you all had a great weekend! One more last thing, the little Happy Halloween square is made with butterscotch and terracotta alcohol inks. Will most likely use those on cards for the grown ups.

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