Thursday, October 16, 2008

Update on House

Just wanted to share with you the latest and greatest on the house post IKE. My DH was hard at work this past weekend repairing the roof. In two days he took off all the old shingles on the front side of the house and then all the layers of felt and 14 sheets of plywood. He then replaced two 22' rafters and put in new plywood and felt, all in two days! This weekend he will be adding the shingles. This past week we had hard rains and there weren't any leaks! My man is good! he he And on Monday while at home I heard a loud crash and found that an area in our ceiling in the master bedroom had caved in. That makes three rooms now with holes in the ceiling!
Apparently, a pipe from the air conditioner to a trap was dislodged when the tree hit the house and it had been leaking since then. It finally gave on Monday and so my brother who is a plumber fixed the pipe and my DH put up heavy plastic so that the air doesn't go into the attic. Oh could have been worse. Right?! Here are some pics of all that I mentioned, hope you have a great Friday and hopefully we all have time to do some fun stuff this weekend!

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