Thursday, September 5, 2013

Will it be a He or a She?

This past Labor Day weekend I was asked to attend a gender reveal party and snap some photos of the Mom and Dad to be finding out along with their guest what they would be having.  It was so FUN!  Who knew how exciting it would be to find out along with the parents that it would be a boy!  I had asked them if they had a preference and they both said boy first girl second and well, their wish came true on the boy first part.  I just wanted to share a collage I created of a few photos taken at the reveal.  Pictured above is Kasandra with her mom, it was her mom who made the cake and all the yummies pictured on the cake table.  She did an amazing job and I will be sure to come back and edit in her contact info for any of you in the Austin area looking for a cake or cookies for your event!

Now, I have to admit that showing up to a home that I had never visited to photograph a party was a little nerve racking!  I'm a natural light photographer (in the making) and so I was hoping that there would be light for me to capture the photos she wanted.  As I walked in all the blinds were drawn and all the lights were off and my heart started to beat quickly. LOL.  But, I pulled the blinds open and made it all work as best I could.   I'm happy for the most part on the photos I got, I will say that having the camera that I have helped me out when using the higher ISO.  I am so grateful to Kasandra for having faith in me to capture the memories made at this important event!

Thanks for stopping in and see ya back soon.  I promise to share a few more photos from the reveal!


dannigirl said...

the is so awesome Nancy! I adore that cake and the cookies are adorable too!!

alicia king said...

what a darling party!