Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lady in waiting

This is my friend Brittany, I met her online via her blog a few years ago.   She isn't blogging anymore and I do miss her blog!  She used to share some of the yummiest recipes that she would make!  We took a class together a few years ago and have stayed in touch.   Funny thing is we live on opposite sides of town but never get the chance to see each other.   She is a photographer in the Clear Lake area so if you are in that area and want her info let me know.  Or simply go HERE to visit her FB page.

So, she is engaged to Calvert and is so ready to be his bride but has been waiting for the US to issue him a visa so he could move here from Jamaica so they can start their forever.  She asked me to join her at the airport on the day he was arriving so I could snap a few photos for her.  UHM, ok.......me?  The girl who isn't nearly as good as you, to snap photos for you?!  In an airport with no natural lighting? UHM, ok.  Giggle  His plane arrived at 5:07 but he didn't walk through those doors until about 9:30pm.  Yep, we waited and waited and so at some point I couldn't resist taking this snapshot of her.  She had been gazing at those doors beyond her.  So, after getting a few of her from the back I asked her to look over and I got this shot.  I love it and I love all the graininess in this too!  Thanks for asking me to take some photos on this special day Brittany!! 


Gracie said...

Nancy this is adorable!!! and you know what....i been having an itch for grain lately...thanks for the confidence boost! love ya girlfriend!

Nancy Wyatt said...