Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rhonna Designs App

Hello friends!!  Well, if you follow me on instagram via my new IG name @_nancywyatt (formerly @nct621) you have seen me playing around with the beta version of Rhonna's new up and coming app!  Well, it should only be a couple of days before the Apple store gives the approval and releases it into it's shop!! EEEK!!  So, if you love giving your instagrams a fun artistic look then this is a great app for you!  Here is a little snippet that Rosemary Watson created to get us all excited and ready for the release!  We will be shouting it from the rooftops when the app is ready for purchase but a little bird told me that it could be on the 4th of July so hopefully all goes as planned and we see it there then.!  Have a great week friends!!  If you want to see what we have created with the app just do a search on Instagram on the hashtag #rhonnadesigns_app

Rhonna Designs App Showreel from Rosemary Watson on Vimeo.

**I almost failed to mention that the first release will be available in the iTunes store only.  They hope to release it to the Android market at a later date.  It turns out that it is a lot more work and money to get app into the Android stores so hopefully with enough sales of the iTunes version they can move on to the droid version**

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Kerry Schultz said...

I'm really excited and looking forward to see your latest iTunes version app. continue to make good apps and I wish you luck that you succeed with the android version too.