Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Photography Journey - I like it clean and you?

Hi there!  Well, I hope that those of you that got to know me via my craft and digital art aren't getting tired of my photo sharing.  I promise that I haven't left behind my other hobbies just have been doing a lot of online classes in hopes of learning as much as I can on photography.  I wanted to share with you how my obsession is slowly headed in the right direction.

I love, love, love seeing other photographers photos and at first I was doing the whole are mine as good yet?!  Will I ever get there?  I love how there are so many styles to photographing and editing.  As much as I love when I see photos with extreme color saturation added in it doesn't seem to fit my style but in so many photos I see out there I do love it.  For me I keep going back to a more clean natural look with a little pop.  

Here is what I'm talking about, I like to think that my edit doesn't look too over the top.  As you can see the top that Moses is wearing has some really bright colors and didn't need much pop.  What I do still need to work on is learning how to work on the reflection that clothes gives on skin some times.  If you look at his lower right cheek you will see how the red bounces off his face.  Still working on it but I'm getting there.  What say you?  Does it look too over done?

*ignore my poor body cropping! ooops! that is another thing I need to work on!


Eli's Mom said...

It is a very nice edit. Love to see more of your work.

johanna McShan said...

lookin good! that is my favorite editing style too. it shows more raw skill vs photoshop skills. you are getting quite good! keep it up. :) and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! let me know how you like the 35mm. im thinking of getting one.

Emily Parlmer said...

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