Sunday, July 15, 2012

Art for the Soul

Hi there!  Can you believe it, two posts in one day!?  Yep, I'm back but this time I'm sharing some art that I created this afternoon.  I pulled out some Artist Water Soluble Wax Pastel water color crayons that I bought on clearance a few weekends ago at Hobby Lobby while visiting my friend Leslie.

She is one of my very talented friends who is always inspiring me and this week she didn't disappoint!  After seeing her art journal entries found at her blog HERE I decided it was time to play too!  I think it turned out pretty good.  I did my best not too add too much to it yet enough to give it interest.  Hope you like it as much as I do.  And I hope I made her proud!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Leslie Anne Avila said...

Awww, it's awesome. I forgot about those crayons. Need to give them a try too. I'm glad to see you getting crafty. Chat with you soon friend. <3 from G town~