Friday, April 6, 2012

Oh Snap!

I can't believe that we are in April!  Seriously!  I really think that as I have grown older the years have started to fly by every so quickly! Time is precious, it really is and I tell myself that each day.  I have been blogging since 2008 and at the beginning I was blogging almost every day and now, not so much.

Life happens ya know, I won't apologize for not blogging so often and I know you will understand.  As of late I have been trying to get my new business started.  It is quite the undertaking, had to buy domain names which picking out a name you think will make an impact is hard! Had to buy licenses for digital art allowing me the use in my design not to mention the ins and outs of the all too fun tax info.  I have so much to learn and I keep telling myself that I can do this!  So many woman out there are doing it!  Taking small steps is ok!

I am heading back to Utah in 13 days and I am so excited!  I am going to Snap the Conference where I know I will meet some incredible woman with some incredible tips and advise on how to grow my blog and business.  I had wanted to already be up and running at "Pretty Blog Designs" but then I decided that I needed to first go to Snap and hear what these great people had to say.  So, I'm just doing things a little slower than originally planned.  

If you are a blogger and want to grow your blog or learn more about how others do it then you should consider attending Snap next year.  Why next year? Well, they are sold out actually I think I saw someone trying to sell their ticket due to an unexpected conflict.  But, any who you should check it out and I promise I will be sure to post all about my experience when I get back!

The following excerpt is from the Snap site.

Welcome to SNAP, where you’ll find creativity at your fingertips.
There is something a bit different about being a creative blogger…Instead of dissecting life and examining the pieces like many online writers, we’re busy dreaming, sharing and building things up.
We inspire one another and when we connect in ways that comfort and sustain, it is something truly extraordinary.
That is why we launched SNAP – a community where imaginative bloggers can come together; learn from one another and walk away invigorated.
The hallmark of this community? A three-day conference April 19-21, 2012 in Salt Lake City, Utah, targeting the best bloggers representing modern handmade, contemporary craft, mind-blowing events and DIY.
Take a step away from your busy life and join us for lots of laughter, hugging and replenishment. You’ll walk away with a stronger sense of community, enhanced skills and an even greater sense of self.

Click on Snap button to visit site

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