Tuesday, April 10, 2012

cReative Team Tuesday - Got bugs?

We recently moved offices at work and along with new cubicles comes redecorating of our spaces and some brought in new plants.  And with new plants come nats, oy!  So, a co-worker brought in a recipe and asked me to type it up for her so she could hand it out.  

And well, because printing it out on white paper just wouldn't be right I used a journaling page from Rhonna's A year to follow printable kit.  I simply created a size recipe card that I thought would be good.  Saved it as a jpeg then when I was ready to print, I set it to print 4up on a page.  Easy peasy I tell ya! 

So, if you want to try your hand at using a homemade recipe for getting rid of bugs that won't kill your plant give this one a try.  My friend Patty swears by it!
Right click and save on above image if you would like to print it out too.
Just remember that most printers try to fill your entire page when printing so just check the settings and adjust accordingly.  The above piece is for personal use only.


cinnibonbon said...

This is great but Oooh I love the lines!!!!

Barbara said...

My question is ... did the spray work? We have gnats in some office plants too and will give this a try if it was successful for you. And ... cut layout :)

Go Against The Grain said...

so pretty! gonna have to give this bug spray a try!