Thursday, February 9, 2012

We are only human...

....and so because of that we often spend too much time comparing ourselves to others.  I am so guilty of that!  I will tell you a TRUTH.... Lately, that is what has kept me from creating.  I kept seeing my work as inferior to others and it sorta took me over. That and combined with the recent loss of my grandfather it sorta shut off my mojo!

Today someone shared this quote on my friend Jenny's blog and she then shared it on her group page on FB. It was just what I needed to hear, it's amazing how good God is!  If we don't fight him he shares lessons with us when we need them!

So, I had to create this simple, yet pretty little wall art and I'm going to print and frame it so that I can hang it where I can see it daily!

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I simply went and pulled some great digi art from Rhonna Designs and it came together very quickly! That is what is so awesome about using Rhonna's art, it's beautiful and so no matter what you make with it, it always looks FABULOUS!

I pulled the background paper from this Chevron Tool Kit found HERE
The Hot Air Balloon from the Punk Junque Kit found HERE
The cute font is Bon Appetit also by Rhonna found HERE

Have a great Thursday!

p.s. I did not share that TRUTH so you could tell me I'm great at what I do, just wanted to say it out loud so I can start getting over it!


Leslie Anne Avila said...

My dearest friend, I know for sure that God has given you that very special gift to reach out to other. I joked about how friendly you were at the expo, when we went, but I only wish I could be so comfortable in my own skin. You're a shining star who spinkles life into everyone you come across. I'm grateful that you reached out to me! Know that I consider you one of my,"bestest" friends.
p.s. Quit comparing yourself to other. You're definitely an original!

Barbara said...

Nancy, You are one of the most talented people that I know. Just keep doing what you love to do and you do Inspire us all ! Love the wall art that you created.

jamie said...

what leslie said! again and again.
you amaze me with your people and networking ways.
now, just like you said, i know you did not post this to have us 'affirm' you...but perhaps we who say we are your friends just might not be all what we should be affirming your amazing gift of love. friendship. inclusion.
you rock my world, friend!
and you have touched me and influenced me in a life long way.

Jenny Meyerson said...

Nancy - your words and your art work are beautiful. All of us struggle with comparing ourselves to others. It is such a dangerous thing. We are enough, just the way we are.
You are such an amazing friend to so many and my favorite trait of yours is your ability to encourage others and be a cheerleader.
So it's my turn to reciprocate. You are beautiful inside and out. And I'm humbled by your words. Thank you for sharing.

Lindzie said...

WEll, I'm still going to tell you what you do is amazing. I know about the comparing yourself to others..because I do it too! But I've found when I create for myself, I tend to not get stuck in such a rut! Love what you did!

Marci said...

i completely agree with jenny up there! i've met you only one time and you have been such a huge support and great cheerleader for me!! seriously!
and i think you are incredibly talented...;D.
big hug!!