Sunday, February 19, 2012

Using my Silhouette Cameo

Hi there! Thanks for stopping in, I wanted to try my hand at doing an onscreen tutorial so here is one for you. It's not the greatest, I had a few hiccups but we all have to start somewhere right! Ha!  For those of you who don't have a Cameo this will be a teaser and maybe the nudge you needed to get your own. I will be back with more tutorials and hopefully better ones.  Let me know how it looks on your end would ya?

Also, would be great to know what you might be interested in seeing.  For now I am only going to do screen tutorials, need to figure out how to record my actual work using my Mac.  Then maybe I can do other tutorials as well.  Ok, enough jabber, on to the tutorial!

That fabulous background on my screen is from
It's a background paper from her Grateful Glam line, I simply chose one of the papers as my screen background. You can find it HERE

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Nitasha said...

Hi Nancy! Thank you for the tutorial. I do not have a Cameo (yet), but I have a SD that I have not taken out of the box yet, but I am more encouraged to take it out and play after watching you tutorial!

I would love to see tutorials on the different mediums that you're able to use with the Silhouette such as vinyl and glass etching tutorials. I would also love to see more on designing your own art work and/or customizing pieces from the Silhouette designs like adding a word to a tag or something like that! Anyway, you did a great job! Look forward to seeing more!