Sunday, October 30, 2011

Spark No. 3, Chapter 3

Friendship.  Memories.  Laughter.  Love.  That is just a bit of what I experienced at Spark this year!  This year I met more AMAZING women at Spark!  And there were many more that I didn't even get a chance to speak to which leaves me a little sad but excited for them that they were at Spark meeting other new friends! 

Last year I hosted a small dinner gathering the night before Spark, we were a small group and it was such a  nice way to start Spark!  So nice that I decided that I would host yet another Pre-Spark dinner gathering and was it a gathering!  This year we had 50 FABULOUS women attend, yes 50!  WOW! I was so excited that we had so many interested and I think that they all had a great time!  We stepped it up a notch this year by holding a swap.  Everyone who was interested in playing along brought an item in a bag and we took the bags and re-distributed them out.  It was so much fun and everyone left with a wonderful item to remember their Pre-Spark meeting!

Here is what I left with that night, an incredible handmade pin created by the talented Carrie Clayden of California!  She is amazing, talented, beautiful and a joy to talk to!  Please be sure to head over to her blog HERE and say hi, she has so many fabulous Spark photos to share!  She owns a store in southern California so if you live there you should check it out and here is the blog for her shop HERE!

*I will be sharing photos of a few more gifts I received from fellow Spark Sisters so join me Monday night!

Click on the collage below to see it in a larger size so you can gawk at the incredible pin that Carrie created and it was enclosed in a gorgeous box too!  ;)

I used the following Rhonna Designs items to create this collage:
Simple Photo Edges2 Kit found HERE
Washi Tape Kit found HERE
Number Tags Kit found HERE


Leslie Anne Avila said...

Wow, gorgeous stuff! I watched the photos on who taught and what they made. Loads of things! I thought the felting looked fun and something that is not normally taught. Loved all the photos too.
Miss you friend,

Carrie Clayden said...

thanks for the shout out Nancy, so sweet of you. I was really delighted you got my pin, it was sparkalicious like you!! Can't wait to do it again next year...

jamie said...

so carrie gave you the pen!
love your use of frames too. gotta love a little rhonna love.
great post...again!

Debbie said...

It all ended so quickly! I wanna play again! LOL! ;)