Monday, October 31, 2011

Spark No. 3, Chapter 4

Hello there!  Welcome back to my Spark story, yesterday I shared with you what one of my fab sisters made and I won!  Today I am sharing what a Fab Sister made especially for me!  Her name is Jamie and she is crazy talented!  I met Jamie via the House of 3 craze a few years ago, we both had won something from Rhonna and that was the first time we were in touch. I then started stalking her blog, I kid you not!  She is crazy talented, yes I know I said that already but she is, so I'm stating it twice!  Fast forward a few years and we are now both on Rhonna's design team!  When Rhonna made the call I figured that Jamie would try out and make it because, YES, she is Crazy Talented!  Well, she made it and when I saw that I was on the same team I was so excited!  Mainly because she and I would have to interact and then she would have to be my friend, ha!

Well, she decided to join us at Spark and I was so excited and as promised she was a sweetheart and showed up with a sweet gift for me! No, I didn't take her one, bad friend huh!  Well, she didn't hold it against me, plus I bribed her to like me with a ride from the airport to the hotel.  I'm sneaky like that, ha!

So, here are a few photos of the adorable mini album she created for me using the Grateful Glam line from Rhonna Designs.  Once you take a good look at these photos you should head on over to her blog and say hello and I will just warn you will get hooked and start blog stalking!  Why? Yep, she is Crazy Talented! Ready to check out her blog? Click HERE and she just created a fan page on Facebook so you can also check her out there by clicking HERE

As usual you can you can click on the photos to see them in a larger size!
Like these cute photo frames? I knew you would, you can find them HERE

Now, before you go I wanted to give you a heads up about an upcoming giveaway!
Rhonna is getting ready to add some great Christmas goodies to her onsite store and you don't want to miss out!  So, head over to her site by clicking HERE and sign up for the newsletter.  It's easy, you will find the sign up just under the hot air balloon!  And I have it on good authority that she will be doing a HUGE giveaway this coming Friday on her Facebook group page so be sure to go and "Like" it by clicking HERE.

And lastly she has this wonderful freebie below for you, you can get it on her site.  You simply put it in your shopping cart and when you check out you will not get charged, yep Free!!
You will want to get it from her store because that one will be in full resolution, now head over there now, hurry ;) click HERE

1 comment:

jamie said...

wow, nancy...
what can i say?
you blow me away!
thanks for all your sweet comps.
you inspired me today!
(ps...i owe you a reply email...)