Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hidden Treasure

I took a little detour on my way home today to take some landscape photos.  I came across the sweetest Memory Park in Montgomery TX back behind the Library.  I walked the trail and took photo after photo oh how it made me happy!

I even used the timer to take a photo of myself :) Ignore the fact that I just shared a photo on Sunday with me wearing that same shirt. Dangit! ha!

The whole time I was there I kept thinking that I need to drag someone or a few folks back there to take some photos :)  Can't you picture a couple kissing on this bridge?  Fishing isn't allowed but how cute would it be to have my niece standing there with a fishing pole, no hook of course.

And this bench, love it!  I can see the hubby and I sitting there and of course I would have to take a photo of us!

All of the bridges, benches and paths as well as the plants and water fountains were donated by various people to honor the memory of their loved ones.  I am going to check into that because I can think of a special lady that needs to be represented there!

Had to share some of the pretty flowers that were there, photos turned out fabulous if I do say so myself! I am truly enjoying photography and I look forward to taking some classes so that I can take even better photos.  Love it!

This photo below has nothing to do with the park, I took it in the morning on my way out to go work.

We finally got some rain today! YAY for us!!

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Giny Cort├ęs said...

Nancy--- Your pics look GREAT!!! And the park seems like a very nice place to visit, a getaway... Glad to hear you got some rain and hope it helps to cool temps. a bit.

Gretchen said...

Gorgeous photos!

Melanie said...

Love them all! What a great little find for some future pictures:)

Jingle said...

That looks like a lovely place! Great shots!

Renee said...

Nancy, these pics are so beautiful!! Thanks for sharing a part of you with us! xox

Arlene said...

How cool!!! if you need a camera partner next time, I'm in for finding this cool park. Wish I had thought of the windshield/rain pic. My pics of rain bouncing on the deck didn't look too great.