Tuesday, June 21, 2011


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Today is the 4th anniversary of when my hubby proposed to me,
and it just so happened to have been on my 40th birthday. 
Yes, that means I turned 44 today and I'm so proud of it!
Apparently, I am also proud of the gray hair that comes with it because
I haven't covered them up yet, ha!

I used to have big parties for my birthday back when I shared it with an old friend.
Now, my birthday party planning is left to my hubby....why?
Well, he does a very good job of planning surprises for my birthday!

See for yourself...and yes, I'm bragging he deserves it, he is after all wonderful! And it took me a long time to find him, God had a plan I just was sorta tired of waiting, ha!

BD #1. On my 40th, we got all dressed up and he took me out for an amazing dinner.
Then home to my place where he set up the scene of what turned out to be a very romantic
proposal! Music, candles, champagne and the "proposal" then dancing right there in my living room :)

BD #2. On my 41st he surprised me with a Cricut, yep dorky but I loved it! He had remembered me going on and on about it one night months before and he tucked it away in his memory box. He's good like that! Then we got all dressed up and he took me to a romantic dinner. Love that he loves for us to get all dressed up!
BD #3. He surprised me with an Ipad, I had no idea that I wanted one but he knew I would love it and you know what he was right! I love that thing, I carry it with me just about always hence why I usually carry a large purse.  He treated me to an amazing evening out in downtown Houston.  We got all dressed up for dinner then to the Ballet, yep you read it right, the BALLET!
Talk about surprised! He even got us box seats near the stage up on the second level what a treat it was!

BD #4. Well, this year he said that I am getting a new camera and I'm so excited! Still doing the research on it but as soon as I have it all picked out and the lens too I will be the happy owner of a new upgraded DSLR.  I am having a tough time deciding on a Canon 7D or a Nikon D300s. I almost went with a full frame but decided that is just too much a girl can dream right ;)

OK, so some of you might be thinking man this chic is all about the "stuff", well don't get me wrong I love the "stuff" what girl doesn't!  But, what I love most is what goes into getting me the "stuff".

I love that he loves to surprise me and that he makes a mental note of the things that I mention now and then. You see, my husband is a sweetheart, he loves me with all his heart and he puts me first. Every day he kisses me and tells me I am his pretty and that he loves me with all his heart. Yes, every day for four years now.  Well, not the days that he isn't home, ha! But if he isn't home he simply tells me that over the phone.

I am telling you this because if you my friend are still single don't worry and please don't settle.  The man that is meant to be yours is out there.  The key is having faith, respecting yourself enough to wait and not allowing
yourself to be neglected.  When I say don't settle I don't mean that you need to have these huge expectations. Simply that you do have them and that they are reasonable and that you don't start scratching them off the list if he is failing you.  I am so glad that A is my husband, I feel blessed and proud to be his wife.  My wish is that all the women that I know, have known and don't know find this too.

Thanks for reading this long post! Have a great day!


LollyChops said...

Oh how I loved this post! You deserve that man and so much more! I hope you are having the best birthday week ever!


Arlene said...

Ahhh...loved this, too! We have a lot of things in common w/ our men we waited for!

So excited about your camera! Let's go play!! Happy Birthday!!

Jingle said...

Well, Happy Birthday! This is a wonderful post! Enjoy your new Nikon (because I know you will go that way...LOL!)

Lindzie said...

You make me smile :)