Friday, March 25, 2011

A little sewing

Hi there! I wanted to share a photo (taken with my cellphone) of the camera strap cover I made on Tuesday night :)

I have been wanting to buy one for ages but I couldn't ever pull the trigger, I suppose because in the back of my mind I knew I could make one. Maybe not as great as the ones I've seen but it turned out ok. I used some fabric designed by Heather Bailey that I picked up at the Quilt market. I then made some flowers and added those for a little pick me up :)

I want to make a couple more in other colors, luckily I have more fabrics to play with :)

Thanks for stopping in!

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Lindzie said...

Great job! I'll get my layout for that challenge up on my blog! Now if only I could find the file...

Jingle said...

Very cute!!!

Leslie Anne Avila said...

You definitely put it to use on Saturday! I thought I took a lot of photos, but not when compared to you! Lol Had a fabulous time! Hubby, the kids and I went back on Sunday. The weather was much cooler. Stopped in to say hi to Wanda and john too. They're a hoot!
Happy Monday~