Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Here and There

Just stopping in quickly to say hi and in case my one ok, two followers were wondering I am still alive, lol.  I went "junking" this past Saturday in Warrenton Texas as I have the last two years.  This time it was really special because my new friend Leslie Avila, whom you can visit HERE met up with me :) 

She is adorable and oh so sweet and I have to say my new Texas BFF (well, at least in my mind) hehe
I hope she's ok with me posting this one photo of her, isn't she adorable!

Then on Sunday afternoon I headed out to Ft. Worth Texas which is about 3.5hrs from my town of Conroe, TX to meet up with my Blog BFF Melanie whom you can visit HERE

Isn't she adorable too!

She was in from South Carolina so I drove up to meet her as we have been friends for over two years and hadn't yet met in person.  We talk on the phone or text each other almost every day and so we were super excited to say the least to finally meet in person! 

Well, I better get to bed as we have more fun in store for us tomorrow, our last day to spend together :(

Hope your week started out well! Hugs!


Leslie Anne Avila said...

Hey you,
Just dropped by your blog and I see me! Lol thanks for the shout out. Can't wait for our next adventure!
Where are all the photos you took from that day? More photos please ( but not the ones with me.....) <3

LollyChops said...

Awwww! It looks like you had a terrific time! We'll catch up soon sweet pea!