Thursday, October 28, 2010

Three Years and Counting!

In June of 2007,  I met my husband, the love of my life Andy!  Today we celebrate our third wedding anniversary and I feel so blessed!  We’ve been through planning a wedding in four short months, adjusting to a week on week off work schedule, being newlyweds and getting used to each others habits, a Hurricane which left a tree on and in our home.  Then we  put on a new roof on our home (yes, we did it ourselves) and then getting used to living together full time after he was promoted to a new position in town.  We ,like any couple have had our spats  but I wouldn’t trade him for anything!  We are total opposites and that I think is good for each of us as we help balance each other out!  He has brought me much stability and I feel safe and happy being his wife!  He shows me each day how much he loves me in his words and actions, I never feel unloved!  He spoils me beyond belief and I spoil him back, I’m his “sweet pretty” and he’s my “sweet love bug”!  Gosh I LOVE him so much and love hearing him tell me I’m beautiful and how much he loves me!  We have been following the wedding gift tradition each year and so this year for the third year, it’s leather and he surprised me with a beautiful leather purse.  He surprises me always, he listens to what I say and like then on his own he goes off and gets me something he knows I will love!  Love that!!  I’ve always spoiled my family and friends so it’s nice being spoiled back!! I got him a new golf bag and a leather *** (sorry can’t tell ya cause he hasn’t seen it yet and he might check the blog).
Here we are on our wedding day……… sweet, huh!  LOL.  Hope this post hasn’t been TMI, I just feel so loved and blessed, something I hope all my friends and family feel from their significant others!  We all deserve that kind of love!!
Wedding Day
Wedding Day our first Dance
Love you with all my heart my Sweet Love Bug!  And I am looking forward to many more happy years together!
And because I probably peeked your girlish interests, here is a photo of my lovely purse!  She’s oh so soft and fit’s just right on my shoulder and under my arm!  And all my stuff fits in it perfectly, especially this past years birthday gift my ipad. ;)  I told you he spoils me!!
My Louis Vuitton
This weekend we have dinner reservations in town at our favorite steak house then hoping we can get in some golf on Sunday!  Should be a great rest of the week and weekend!   As always, thanks for stopping by! Hugs from Conroe, TX


Lindzie said... guys look so happy. Congrats. Nice purse. :)

Philippa said...

Hi Nancy, oh what a beautiful couple. Honey you are simply GORGEOUS!! Have a fabulous dinner this weekend. Love and hugs Philippa

Melanie said...

Congratulations to my sweet sweet friend. You and Andy deserve all the happiness in the world. Hope you have a great weekend together.

PS. yes the bag is much prettier in this pic instead of the camera phone pic!

Anne Gaal said...

Happy Anniversary, Nancy! :-)

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

What a sweet post!!! You make a beautiful couple! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY :)