Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Week Behind

Hi there! I had a busy week last week, there has been so much going on as you know. Work has been busy so my days go by fairly quickly and once I get home there is so much to do. I took off Friday so that Daintee and I could attend this years Nutcracker Market. We had a good time and did a fair amount of damage but not so much that my wallet felt wounded when I got home. LOL. I was hoping to find some Christmas gifts but no luck. I did however find an awesome purse, great shirt and a cool wine glass for myself and one for my neighbor whose birthday it was that day. Saturday we went shopping for ceiling fans and more paint. Late in the afternoon we went to dinner with our neighbors, Cafe Adobe in the Woodlands and it was yummy. Today we spent all day working on the outside of the house. I painted and my DH did a couple things to finish off the roof and trim around the back of the house. I was on the ladder all day and so I was pretty much covered in paint when I was done as I was painting over my head and there were drips and drips and drips. Well, back to work tomorrow but the week will be short for me as Friday starts my seven days off which includes the Thanksgiving holiday. We are going to Brownsville for my cousin Matilda's wedding that weekend. I am rambling on now, gotta work on some Christmas cards so I better run. Hope you had a great week last week and that this one be even better. Hopefully I get a chance to update the blog more frequently this week, we are going to Metallic Thursday night so I will let ya know how that goes. I'm leaving you with a photo of my new adorable nephew, Hunter. He is my niece Shannon's baby and so adorable! Ciao for now!

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