Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Just a quick hello to say that crowdSPRING, hire Kelly Purkey for your new Community Marketing Manager!

In the blog world I am learning that there are SO many awesome and creative good hearted people out there. It is so cool to be able to connect to those who share their ideas so that we can all become even more creative than we thought we could be. One of the blogs that I love keeping up with is Kelly Purkey's and so when you have time check it out!

And while I am here I wanted to share with you my new Spellbinders storage solution, I came across this on a couple of brilliant ladies blogs and so off to Hobby Lobby I went and with coupon in hand I bought this magnetic folder by Quickutz. I was going nuts taking the dies out of the plastic packaging each time I had to use them. So, now I can simply pull a binder from my shelf and pull off the die that I need. I have two folders but should I end up buying some of the new dies I might have to get a few more. But, I also did read another persons post that painted the back of a door with magnetic paint then chalkboard paint on top of that and so she simply opens the door and pulls off the dies. That is pretty cool! hmmmm

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