Monday, October 27, 2008

Lots of Work and a little fun

Is what our weekend was like here in Conroe. We worked on the roof on the backside of the house all day Saturday and most of Sunday. We are so TIRED and SORE to say the least! We pulled off all the shingles and felt paper then had to pull up all the extra nails and staples. I am sore in places I didn't realize I could be sore! LOL We actually had some fun while working, it helped make the day go by quicker! Tonight we were able to just chill out and relax once my DH finished a work project. I needed to address the Halloween cards I made for the kiddos and made a few more too. I was so excited to show Andy the cards and he quickly pointed out that I had colored my candy corns in the wrong color sequence, he he. Luckily, I had only made two of those so I was able to make the rest correctly although I'm sure most wouldn't have known the difference. The art piece is something I made for Andy as one of my gifts to him for our Anniversary. Most of the embellishments have a special meaning but since it is so late I will have to get back to you on what they mean. I hope he likes it, I am not sure I like how the canvas part turned out. I didn't want it to come out pink so I went a little heavy on the black and read and hence the cranberry'ish color. oh well. I will give him that piece on Tuesday so we will see what he thinks.
Well, it is super late and I so need to get into bed! Here are the cards I made tonight, hope you like them as some of you may be getting one of them. Hope you have a great Monday, mine will be great as it is the eve of my 1st wedding anniversary and the eve of the drywall guys coming to fix our three rooms! Yeah! Ciao for now.

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