Monday, August 4, 2008


Hello friends!
I have been MIA on my blog! Can you believe that I hadn't posted since last Sunday! I had a busy week last week at the office well, M-W as I was off Thur/Fri and I'm off Mon/Tue! Boy, this posting is boring so far! I spent Thursday shopping with my mom, Friday I did laundry ALL day and we headed to see my DH's parents Sat and Sunday. My in-laws found a new house and took us over to see it and they were so sweet to ask our opinions, we loved it. I am awake at this hour because when we got home today from Tyler we took a long long nap! I plan on spending Monday working in my studio and Tuesday I will do the same or I might watch HGTV all day? Well, since I don't have anything really interesting to say I will sign off for now. Ciao.

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