Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekend Visit

Hope you all had a great weekend, we did! My sister Gina and my niece Alexa paid us a visit this weekend. We had a great time hanging out at home and we also went out to Incredible Pizza so Alexa could have a little extra fun. My sis has a new Itouch and so we spent some time setting it up and drooling over it! On Sunday my DH made us hamburgers and as always they were yummy! Then we girls headed out to Michael's to get 3 Cricut cartridges as they were on sale for more than half off! How could I not get several, right? Over the course of the weekend my sis and niece played in my studio. On Saturday Alexa and Gina both worked on a couple of projects, Alexa did the butterfly artwork like mine. And Gina made something for her BF Monica and then on Sunday we had to use one of my new cartridges to make cute "All about me" signs for she and Monica both. I had such a great time having them over and especially having someone to play in my studio with me. Well, hope your Monday starts your week out well and I'll be back soon. Ciao!


Melanie said...

This sign is sooo cute. What cartridge did you use for the letters on the sign? I love it!

Nancy Wyatt said...

Hey Melanie! thanks for stopping by, the cartridge I used was alphalicious.