Monday, July 7, 2008

Who really relaxes on a three day holiday?

Hello there! Hope you had a great 4th of July weekend! Ours was fun and super busy! We spent the evening of the 4th with Roy and Christina at the Sam Houston Race Park and it was a good time. We were dreading the parking lot after the event and although it was a mess we were parked near the exit so we didn't sit there as long as many others did. The fireworks were really neat, I'm not a huge fireworks fan but it was neat. On Saturday we headed up to Home Depot and bought all the lumber needed for our weekend project. I had been wanting to get Andy a nail gun for sometime and so he gladly accepted! We got a Porter Cable nail gun that hooks up to the air compressor and man did it save us some time!! We unloaded the hobby room contents into the guestroom and did the initial painting of the trim on Saturday. Sunday morning we got up bright and early and started the demo of the existing student desk and bookcase and removed all the base trim and door trim. We worked non-stop all day, a 14hr work day for us and we still have more to do. There are two last pieces of trim to be installed and I am in the middle of painting the bookcase with primer and also have gotten most of the nail holes caulked. Will go home today after work and continue the priming and then hopefully start painting the trim with the final coat of paint either today or tomorrow. Here are some pictures of the room so far.

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