Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Spellbinders!

OK ladies, you need to go to the Spellbinders site and on it you will see links for each day till the 13th, if you haven't gone there already then you will see that we missed some days to enter to win dies! Each day they will reveal a new die and so the blogger who is introducing it will show you how they used it and then you will see a link to enter to win it. You MUST enter the name of the die in the subject line and you can only enter once a day. Had I known about this from the beginning then I would have been eligible for the Grand Prize but oh well, better late than never! So click on the word Spellbinders in my posting to get to the site with the daily links and good luck! Oh, and you must use the same email address each day when entering. Ciao!

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