Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Creative Team Tuesday - Custom Graduation Party Invite

Hello there!  Today I wanted to share with you an idea that I am playing around with for a party I hope to host in honor of my niece Brianna who is graduating this year.   I simply used Photoshop Elements and some Rhonna Designs.  Creating these three pieces truly was so easy!  And I simply created the invite to a size called out at one of my favorite print shops.  I will then print out the labels at home on full sheet sticker paper and the Thank You cards on matte card stock.  Or you could easily send those off to a print house too.  As long as you know what size to create the artwork, it is easy to upload to many sites.

  If you are in the process of planning a party and want to design them and need help please let me know.  I can post a few screen shots and or answer questions.  You can find my email address on the right side bar of my blog.

The items I used to create these are found by clicking on the following links:

What I love about using these kits is that I can then create other custom pieces for the party!  I will share more ideas next week on how we can continue planning a custom designed party!  When you have digital art the possibilities are endless!  You basically always have a supply of party goods at your fingers *wink

*I replaced our address with a pretend one*

Still here?  Are you wondering how I got my niece's photo in that shaped frame?  Well, that frame is a png from the Quatrefoil Kit that I linked at the top of the post.  When creating the invite you end up with multiple layers.  The first is the background layer, then for me it was the square on the left that holds the text, then another couple of layers were for text, then the layer that held the cute banner, etc.  So, I decided that I wanted her photo in this shape to tie in with the background paper.  I simply added the shape to the file being sure the png layer was on the upper most layer.  Then I clicked on that layer over on the left side of my PSE layers window so that when I dragged my photo in that photo layer was over the shape png layer.  Then I chose "Layer" at the top of my tool bar, then chose create clipping mask.  Then the photo is magically popped into that shape!  I then simply move the photo around and resize as needed.  Easy peasy!!   And for an added pop I added another layer for that same shape and just made it a tad bigger and filled it in with a color.  Working with layers is fun and easier than most realize.  Really it is!

I found an old blog post Rhonna shared back in 2009 that shows using layers.  It is found HERE

See ya next week!


Rhonna Farrer said...

love this so much!
You've got one lucky niece!

jamie said...

i love this so much.
the photo is gorgeous!!!
i am so happy to see you creating.
you seem to shine with photography and all things digital design.
makes me happy.


Unknown said...

I love this!! Thanks for the inspiration! Oh and the photos are fabulous!

zerry ht said...

This invitation card is just eye catching. I am also thinking to send some handcrafted cards to invite my guests in my son’s birthday party. I am sure everyone will love this idea. We are going to book lavish seattle venues for his special day.