Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Beauty Before and After

I'm seriously obsessing with photos I took of Christina a few weeks ago!  She and my niece Brianna were awesome models for my photography practice session!  Had to share this one with y'all!  I wanted to share the SOOC (straight out of camera) version verses my Extreme Black and White Edit.  Thanks for stopping by!


If you look closely at Christina's eyes in the photo above you can see the reflection of my reflect disk that I had leaning against my legs.  I didn't mean to use it in this shot but made the mistake of not moving it away and so you can see the little circles of light that the disk produced. When I edited the photo below into a black and white they were distracting so I edited them out.  That was all the touch ups I did on her besides turning it into a black and white and adding a little swirl to it.  Love how it turned out!

AFTER Extreme Edit Photo

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Unknown said...

Amazing! Love your photos! xo