Friday, April 19, 2013

Bluebonnet's and Mr. Tough Guy

I had to share this photo I took of Hunter a couple of weekends ago.  I absolutely love how tough he looks yet is standing in a field of pretty Texas Bluebonnets!  He is a total sweetheart so don't let the serious face fool ya!  You can see the photo a little larger if you click on it.

And let me let you in on a little secret......the sky.  Although that is a true sky it is not the sky that was out for our photo session.  That day was overcast and the sky was a very pale almost white sky and so I couldn't resist trying out a sky overly from The CoffeeShop Blog found HERE.

Not sure if it's too much but for now I am digging it, I did another version that isn't as stunning and so maybe that one will look a bit more natural.  For now I'm sharing this edit, what say you? Did it look fake when you first glanced at the photo?


jamie said...

unless you would have told me, i would not have known you did a sky edit. truly...that photo and edit is amazing. you should be so proud.
love it when you share your work like this. it is really amazing. as are you! really.

Unknown said...

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