Tuesday, January 22, 2013

cReative Team Tuesday - A Valentine's Mantel

Welcome back to cReative Team Tuesday shares!  I hope you made sure to first stop over at Rhonna's blog because it is there that she shares all projects submitted by her cReative Team members.  

So, I am sure you have seen others use colored baker's twine in their craft projects, right!?  Well, I found some in the $1 bin area at Target.  When I saw that twine I knew that I had to use it in decorating my Valentine's day mantel.  I like it but a little part of me says that the brick is fighting the decorations...What say you?

So, as you can see in the photo above I simply printed out some of the fabulous new Kiss Collection printables from Rhonna as well as a few of last year's items.  They work so well together so be sure to mix them together so you have more to play with.  I them cut them down to size, inked some of the edges with Tim Holtz Vintage Photo distressing Ink. Then simply strung them on the baker's twine and hung them up.  Super easy!  I used the kit found HERE for the pieces you see hanging.

The pencils and pipe cleaners are also from The $1 bin area at Target, the little bottles are too but those are a few years old.  The cute little banners and bottle decor are from this printable HERE.

Let me show a few more close ups, I am not revealing the entire mantel just yet as I still have more to add but I hope this will inspire you enough to get you started.

 The arrow above was so easy to create!  I simply cut down some Bazzill cardstock into a 1x2 size piece, cut a V shape out of one end then angled the other end and BAM an arrow was born. LOL

See that cardboard heart?!  Well, I cut all those type hearts out of the Starbuck coffee sleeves that I had been hoarding saving over the last few months.  And YES, I still have more to use, ha!

The following two photos are from my instagram feed, I often share what I am working on there if you want to follow me, I'm @nct621 

How fun is that huh! I love reusing items from every day life in my projectcs, those cardboard cylinders are roll label core's from work.  I normally throw them away but one day I started hoarding saving them  for use in craft projects.  They make great little stands if you put a top on them.

Don't you just love the chalkboard art, that is found HERE.  And there is more HERE.  The key to getting the true chalkboard feel is to print it on matte paper.  I actually prefer to use presentation matte paper for most of my digital print outs.  I love how the matte paper gives all the print outs a better look and feel than just regular copy paper.  I also like to use Matte Photo paper too for a heavier stock.
That is it for this week, I hope you will come back soon for more Valentine's Day fun!
Don't forget to stop in at Rhonna's HERE and if you want to see only all things Valentine's that is available at Rhonna's shop I have a custom link HERE for you.


Rhonna Farrer said...

i. die. seriously...LOVE this! LOVE how the RD decor is enhanced by your RAD brick wall! I mean...really? I'm dying w. LOVE!!! See the hearts in my eyes? *wink*
Once again...you knocked it outta the park...soooo uplifting & inspiRing! LOVE it! LOVE you!

Emily said...

So, so, SO pretty!

alexandra s.m. said...

BRAVO Nancy!
This is fabulous!!


Sheila Kay said...

Sooooo cute! The brick wall makes it cozy! Love the inspiration!

Barbara said...

I love how this is looking and it looks cool against the brick wall.
Very cute!

Marci said...

LOVE THIS!! Those Starbuck's hearts are the best. Clever girl. love you!!

Unknown said...

What's a little red brick when you can dress it with cute ideas?? Love it Nancy - thanks for sharing :)

gleestormont said...

where are those hot pink coffee sleeves from???
love your stuff, tfs.

Nancy Wyatt said...

Thanks Gleestormont! I tried replying to your comment but your profile is not attached to an email address. Hopefully you are checking back here. I got those here at work a few months ago. I am officed at HP and they sell Starbucks coffee and those were the sleeves they were handing out for breast cancer awarness. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Unknown said...

GORGEOUS, NANCY! I do love those chalkboard art! I've always loved them.

Leslie Anne Avila said...

So cute! I love how you used the starbucks cardboard. YOu're awesome!

Anonymous said...

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Joe Lie said...

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