Sunday, November 4, 2012

Falling in Love...

...with photography has been something that I have been doing for many years now.  And over the last five years the love affair has blossomed.  This past summer my husband bought me a Canon 5D Mark II and now I can't seem to keep photography from creeping into my daily thoughts.

I try to read as much on photography as I can when I'm home in the evenings while the hubby watches tv.  Having my ipad has made it so easy to read or pin photography articles!  I have been asking friends and family to allow me to photograph them so that I can get as much practice as possible!  Recently my friend Christina asked me to take some maternity photos for her at 6 months and at 9 months and I was so excited!  I was nervous of course, after all I am so not a schooled photographer! But, they were pleased with the photos as was I and for us they were photos that turned out good enough.  I'm sure that a trained eye will pick up on all my mistakes but it's ok, we like them and that is all that counts.  And with that I share the link to the slide show I created for your viewing.

The music playing is from Mindy Gledhill.
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jamie said...

Your love for photography is so beautiful. I enjoy so much watching your photographic journey. Thank you for sharing it with others as well as being an inspiration to me.