Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Texas Hill Country - Part 1

Hello friends! I hope you are having a great Labor day weekend if you are in the states and for those of you out of the country hope you are doing well too! 

 I am just writing a quick post to share a couple of photos I took when Andy and I went to the Texas Hill country for a few days. It was such a nice and much needed break from work and our daily routine! I am so thankful that my husband planned some time away for us and it truly was special! 

I came across this gorgeous heart cactus and just had to photograph it, I felt that it was a great symbol of the theme of our weekend. Making sure that we take time out to show each other how much we love each other!
The skies seemed so much prettier out in the Marble Falls, Texas area or maybe it was that we had no worries, no work to tend to, just time for us!
This was the view outside our room, so lovely and relaxing and you may not know this but we don't live far from a lake, Lake Conroe and we almost never go out and spend time there.  We really need to change that because it's so lovely and so easily accessible to us!

I will be back with more photos of our trip, below are a couple of sneak peeks of our trip to The Exotic Zoo Resort we visited.

Thanks for stopping in friend!


Sheila Kay said...

Enjoyed my virtual tour of "your" weekend Nancy! Beautiful photos.

Arlene said...

Pretty! I need more ! :) We are on the lake...we should have you guys over to go out on the boat! We are testing it Sat. Hope there is enough water...

Arlene said...
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jamie said...

zoo resort...oh la la!
looks and sounds like a wonderful weekend. glad you took time for each other.

Sophia Charlotte said...

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