Monday, September 24, 2012

It's a Rhonna Designs Halloween Ideas Countdown!

Are you like me when it comes to Halloween?! You know, it's all about the decorating and what?! There's candy involved too?! OK!  Well then, you are in for some fun ideas from Rhonna and her cReative Team as we count down to her 45th birthday!  Can you believe that woman is going to be 45! I can't, if you follow me regularly then you know that she is my sheRo and I am so inspired by Rhonna!  And I don't mean by just her cReative talent either!  I really am lucky to have met Rhonna in person a few times now and she is AMAZING!  She truly is, really!  And you can tell through all that she creates!  She has has a heart of gold!
So, if you are ready for the fun head on over to Rhonna's blog HERE.
(Photo used with permission from Rhonna Designs)

And if you are on instagram and want to keep up with my sneak peeks of my Halloween decor before they are shared on my blog or on Rhonna's, then follow me @nct621

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jamie said...

What sweet and beautiful words you wrote about your SHEro. She is indeed amazing.
Great post. {wink}...