Saturday, March 17, 2012

You won't believe it till you see it!

Well today was the day that I learned how to ride a motorcycle!  Yes, you read that right!  My husband recently bought a new motorcycle and so I asked if he would consider keeping his old one for me to ride. He immediately replied "i'm scared", without hesitation I might add!  Well, after a few days he told me that he had given it some thought and that he would give me a lesson to see if I liked it.

Well, I like it and I'm so excited to keep learning in hopes that the hubby and I can take long rides out on the beautiful Texas country back roads!  I wasn't nervous when we left the house, he took us out on the old bike.  We found an empty un-developed neighborhood with perfect streets! He gave me a few tips and instructions and then I went on my way.  I had a few "I forgot to hold the clutch" moments and the bike died on me, LOL.  But once I got going I did pretty well and I even surprised the hubby!  So, here are a couple of videos, the first one is short and will make you laugh out loud!  

**I have to note that for some reason I look sorta heavy in these, LOL.  I know I'm silly but really I look much better than what you see here. LOL  I knew when I got dressed that I wasn't wearing anything flattering but I really just wanted to get out the door so I wouldn't chicken out!

fyi...I said a tiny curse word at the end of this video, nothing too naughty though ;)

This next video shows me riding off in the far distance then I come around the curve really slow like a "beginner rider" LOL! 

Found one more to share

Thanks for stopping by, see you in a couple of days with some fun new projects!

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