Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Great read... A Sweethaven Summer

Just a quick note to hopefully keep my blogging habit back up and running! Ha!  So, tonight I wanted to share the name of a book I finished reading today.

This book truly spoke to my heart!  I really loved it and I know you will too!  This book also brought back some old memories, good and bad.  I often look back at old lost friendships, there are many good memories, some not so good but that is life.  We don't all have those friendships that last a lifetime but some do.  I have many great friendships that had ended then I got back.  I have some, a few that have stood the test of time.

Sometimes life gets in the way, sometimes a break is needed so that our wings have a chance to grow on our own.  Sometimes you are brought into someone's life so that they in turn can meet a new friend or partner.  There are those friendships that you can't imagine won't last and then they don't, you just have to learn from them.

What I have found as I have grown within this blogging world is that one can have close friends near and far.  That distance is just a small part of it and doesn't prevent you from having a wonderful friendship.  I am so grateful for some of the incredible friendships I have made through my blog! 

So, I hope you get a chance to buy and read Courtney's book. What? Why am I using her first name in my post? It's not like I'm friends with her, well I am you see.  I am online friends with her, we tweet back and forth now and then.  It's totally cool that I know this author but I'm not telling you this so you think I am cool!  I'm telling you this because friendships are out there to be had!  Even if it's just a few words now and then via these wonderful social medias that are out there for us to use.  You never know when a small friendship will turn into something special or what you will learn from your friends!

She is hosting an awesome giveaway, so how about heading over to Courtney's to learn more just click HERE.  And if you are interested in buying the book or the kindle download just click HERE.  Or stop by the bookstore and grab yourself a copy.

Because I am part of  the cReative Team for Rhonna Designs I am able every now and then to offer a free piece for my readers for PERSONAL USE ONLY.
The above 5 x 7 piece was created using pieces from Rhonna Designs newly released
Spring Circus Line found HERE and HERE.

Here is one that you can save to print, the watermarks are much lighter. The first one above is perfect to pin so that others know where to go for Rhonna's designs.
You may click on the photo then right click and save a copy for your personal use only please, yes I meant to repeat that.  Please do not alter the piece in any manner or remove the watermarks. There is an outline around the piece to assist when triming it out. Thanks!
Hope you have an amazing week!


Marci said...

I think maybe I saw this on Jeanne Oliver's blog too and wanted to read it...I am looking for a new book and this looks like a good one.:D Thanks for the recommendation!

Renee said...

Nancy, thank you for your beautiful post!! I am grateful for you, too....who I met through this wonderful craft called scrapbooking!


Renee xox

Sheila Kay said...

Hi Nancy,thanks for the update on the button. I now have it on my blog and makes it much faster to be inspired by YOU!

Arlene said...

I'm so glad you mentioned the book and that I bought it instantly! :) I trust you!

LOVED the book! I spent lots of summers at a cottage on Lake MI as a kid. The only thing I didn't like is that it lasted too short!