Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Creating Your Own Christmas Card

Hello friends! I'm back with a second post today! I was going to share this with you next week but then realized that many are mailing cards out now so why wait!  

So, here is a card I created as an example of what you can do for your family card.
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1. I simply opened up my Photoshop Elements program and created a size I wanted for the card. It's a good idea to first check and see what size cards your favorite photo processor sells.

2. I then pulled in one of the new Chevron backgrounds from this Kit HERE. I did customize the color to my liking. Super easy!

3. I then simply pulled in the photo mat from this Kit HERE and then layered a photo on top.

4. Added the sweet little bird from this Kit HERE.

5. Re-colored a washi tape from this Kit HERE and placed it on my collage.

6. Added some text (used Decor Font) on the top and bottom.  Rhonna has many more fabulous fonts that   are available HERE  *I used my color selector to pick up a color from the bird piece so it would all tie together.

7. Upload to your favorite Photo store, many offer a blank where you can pull in your own jpeg file. You simply use it as a background. Just be sure that you use a high pixel photo for the best quality. I'm using a lower pixel in my example.

8. Mail them off to family and friends.

Thanks for dropping in and if you have any questions just leave a comment and an email so I can reach you.


Barbara said...

Love the layout! Very Nice...

jamie said...

i just love this.
the chevron and the junque frames make such a wonderful pop of a card.
an those girls...they just make it all perfect.
love it, nancy!!!