Sunday, November 6, 2011

Spark No. 3, Chapter 6

You are probably thinking man, can she stretch this Spark story out any longer?! LOL
Sorry, I just decided some time ago that life comes first and so doing posts comes later and sometimes that means they get a little delayed and stretched out.

OK, so this year at Spark we had some amazing new classes!
We learned from some amazing women and they were all such fun to spend time with!
Take a look at some of my projects, as I type this it just hit me that I didn't take a photo of the amazing t-shirt project that we created with Amy Tan.  It's just as well because I'm making some for all the ladies in my family.  So, I will share photos at a later time but some of the other gals that went to Spark have shared theirs so just check out their links found here on my blog a couple posts down.

So, here are a couple photos, you can click on them to see them in a larger size.

Art Piece, I created in Donna Downey's class.  Let me tell you that she really was a joy to spend time with.  She was funny, informative and very helpful in class.  The piece was created with Pan Pastel, Tissue Paper, Stazon Ink, Tags and Fixative.  I am not done with it just yet, I added some die cut paper to it at home and some number brads (from Margie's old line the girls paperie) and a bit of ribbon. 

SheArt, was created in Christy Tomlinson's class, she too was a joy to spend time with.  She was helpful as well, she took her pen to a few pieces and shared her techniques.  I'm not totally happy with how mine turned out.  Still have to make some minor adjustments to it but in the end I know it will be fabulous. I have taken her SheArt class online so I already had experience and so I allowed myself to chat lots with my table mates.

Wool Felting,  this class was taught by the talented Emily Falconbridge.  Her class was very relaxing, her voice is so soothing and it's not just her Australian accent.  She just has this awesome cool, calm and collected way of teaching!  We created a wool felt covered soap bar, simply took a pre-existing soap bar and covered it with felt and following her instruction we worked it and worked.  I got up and started my socializing so mine isn't quite done.

Birds Nest, the talented Cathe Holden taught us how to create this lovely birds nest charm with ribbon.  Many of us were first determined for it to be "perfect" but then Cathe pointed out that a true nest looks messy.  I went with a messy look, ha!  This is something that I will be recreating for Christmas gifts, don't tell my family ;)

Junque Journal, was a fun busy class full of new techniques taught by Jenn Jensen.  She doesn't have a blog so for now I am simply sharing a photo of the contents of our kit.  We took an old book and pulled out pages, glued pages and added paper and photo protector pages to it.  I haven't finished it so will be sure to share photos when it's done. Promise!

Rubber Stamp Carving, Our teacher,  April Meeker is one funny and super talented lady!  She was one of Margie's creative partners and did so much for Spark.  She taught us how to create our very own stamps out of a block of rubber.  It was so much fun!  She was a lot of fun and very helpful during her class.  She has an amazing new jewelry line and you can find out more on that and so much more about April by visiting her blog!

Reverse Applique, taught by the amazing, sweet and beautiful Amy Tan! I really loved her class, it was relaxing and she shared her story with us.  She was such a sweetheart and it made me even more proud to be on the same design team with her for  (if you look closely at the shirt I'm wearing it's one I bought from Amy Tan's line)

I got called out in class, I was using way too much embroidery thread, LOL!
Photo courtesy of my sweet friend Jessica Woodford's iPhone 


jamie said...

love your finishing touches on the mixed media canvas...adore!
how is the junque journal coming?
i got to play with mine this weekend...made me to come.
miss you girl...let's not let that spark extinguish, o.k?

Marci said...

I love your donna downey collage! i have wanted to add some little items to mine too..just haven't gotten that far yet!:D

Pearl said...

WOw! Both of your canvas turned out amazing! I still need to finish up mine.