Tuesday, November 22, 2011

December Daily 2011 -Foundation Part 3

Welcome back, this weeks cReative Team Tuesday.
 I am sharing some of the journaling cards that I created using elements from Rhonna's Christmas Junque Kits.  I'm not sure about you but I didn't want to have the actual pages that my photos go on fully completed.  Why? Well, I am one of those girls that isn't sure if she is going to like the photo I have chosen for my page.  And if it is going to be vertical or horizontal once I do have it picked out.  I plan to have these cards next to my album in my December Daily Keepsake Box so that I can pull the one that fits my page that day.  I also plan on using some of them for additional embellishments on pages.  The inspiration for these cards came from Becky Higgins Project Life Kit, (which I started and fell behind on mid June).

My first step was to create each individual 2.5 x 3.5 card. As you can see above the layers are shown to the far right and so I simply started with a 2.5x3.5 canvas then added my pieces to it. I then flatten the layers and save as a jpeg.  One tip I would like to share with you is to name your layers when you are working. This makes it much easier to go back and move layers around, especially when you have many layers!
 I then pulled them into one 8.5 x 11 page shown above.  I was careful to use guide lines to help me line up all my cards.  Lining up the cards will help me when it comes time to cutting as shown below.

You can see in the photo above how the cards are lined up so that I can simply cut them apart, easy peasy! 

Love that doily used in the Merry Christmas Journal card above, it's from the Christmas Junque Pieces Kit found HERE

So there you have it, Hybrid Journaling cards. I printed these out on 110lb white card stock and I also printed some out on some Bazzill textured paper and it looks and feels delish! 

I wanted to share another Fabulous December Daily project that I have, it's my Keepsake Box from Paper Coterie you can visit them HERE.
I absolutely LOVE it!  I plan to keep my journaling cards in the box next to my album with some supplies.  I will be able to easily add photos and journaling cards to my album and it will be all nice and tidy!  Then once I am done I can tuck my album into it for safe keeping and or to keep my Christmas cards and little momentos from our holiday.
Here is a shot of the front, spine and back and you can click on it to see it in a larger size.  What I did was created these pieces in Photoshop Elements. I made it really simple by simply using a background from the Christmas Junque Background Kit found HERE and then added some elements from the Christmas Junque Pieces Kit found Here.  And the element on the bottom right corner of the cover is from the Evergreen Christmas card Kit found HERE Once you have your pieces created you simply upload them into your project on their website. They guide you through it step by step and if you can't get it just like you want simply email them and they will help you!  They will even tweak it for you, seriously they are so helpful!

And last but not least I have a tiny sneak peek of a Christmas Card that I created for a guest blog visit with Marci of Dandelion Farm Girl so click HERE to visit her blog.  I believe the post will be up on Tuesday and so I will be back to edit the link to direct you to the actual post at a later time.

Thanks for stopping in and hope you have a wonderful week and a Happy Thanksgiving!

All frames used on the photos in this post are from Rhonna Designs and can be found HERE


Sheri Twing said...

Nancy this is absolutely stunning! Wow! I love it!

cinnibonbon said...

OMG---I LOVE THIS! My friend you are such an enabler...hehehe

Marci said...

LOVE THIS!! i love your box from paper coterie!!
we are up and running on your tutorial..it looks awesome!

Unknown said...

I LOVE IT!!!!! xx

Unknown said...

I love this! I also love Paper coterie memory boxes! I have 4 of them that i keep my photos and memorablias.
Now I wish they would create different sizes now.

Karla @Art Whisper said...

Your blog is a fun place to stop.

Love Paper Coterie but can't figure out which box to start for this project. Can you help me choose the same box you used?

Warm regards,