Sunday, November 13, 2011

December Daily 2011 - Foundation Part 2

Welcome back! I finished up all my divider pages so I wanted to share with you the photos I took tonight.  Unfortunately, now that the sun goes down so early it doesn't give me a chance to take photos while I have good daylight. Well, that and that I worked until dark on these so that didn't help either!

OK, so as you can see I continued using the Christmast Junque Background Pages to create the 4"x 8" divider pages and simply embellished them.  Hope you like them, I sure do!  Now I need to finish up the larger pages that will hold the photos.  Those are in the works so hoping to share those later this week or next weekend.  Only time will tell, hope you had a great weekend and that this is a great week for you!

Click on photos to see them in a larger size.

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You can find the Christmas Junque Background Pages HERE over at Rhonna Designs! And have a look around because she has many awesome kits available!

Click HERE to see Part 1 of my December Daily Foundation post.

And HERE is a link to Ali's Foundation Pages Part 2, if you aren't playing along it's not too late!


Jessica said...

Super cute! Can't wait to see it all come together!

Jennifer Patrick said...

You are so talented!

anyaadores said...

Love this - very great work:O)
Hope you have a sunny day,

Gretchen said...

Beautiful! Love those papers!!! I like the long size, is that 6x12?

Sheila Kay said...

Nancy, that is going to be a most awesome December Daily album. It looks great!

Marci said...

lo.ove it! i'm buying those cute rhonna designs tomorrow! so that girl...and love the way you use her goods!

jamie said...

love them all. love that kit. you make it all look gorgeous!

Pearl said...

Love that!
Thanks for your sweet comment!
ya you should have asked I would loved to help. hehe ;)


Barbara said...

Love them all! super cute!

Danee said...

Hilarious! I just wrote a post for my blog for tomorrow and whined about it getting dark so early I can't get the pictures taken that I need to get the post together. Live in the midwest?