Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spark No. 3, Chapter 1

Hello friends! Well, I am on a flight from Salt Lake City heading home to Texas! When you read this post I will be back and on my way home! I had an AmaZinG time in Utah! This was my second year attending Spark the Event and boy was it fun!
The following photos are courtesy of my friend Melanie.

I was so excited to see many of the wonderful Spark Sisters that I met last year! My bestie Melanie traveled to Utah from South Carolina to attend Spark with me, so glad she did!

This was her first time attending and there were some amazing teachers and so she and I both learned some great new techniques! Our first night in town we met about 50, yes 50 fellow Spark Sisters for dinner at Carrabba's in Orem. We had such a fun time and even held a swap so we all left with a fun gift, most handmade. I will share a photo of the gifts I left with over the next few days.

It was held at Noah's in Lindin UT, same location as last year. The theme this year was granny chique (hmmm spelling?) there was lots of ribbon, doilies, tea cups and paper goodness to be found!

Lovely paper and ribbon chandeliers hanging in the main dining room.

The tables had sweet center pieces that didn't disappoint. It was so fun to see the first timers rushing around the room taking photos as I did last year. Truth be told I was having so much fun watching them and saying hi to online friends that this year I took very few photos. Hoping that once I get home there are more photos on my camera and cell phone than expected.

I have so much more to share with you so I promise to be back! There are some special friends I would love to introduce you to! Ciao for now!

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Unknown said...

Lucky! That would be so fun. Can't wait to see more.

jamie said...

great post, nancy.
glad you are home. hoping travel went well.
love seeing your take on the weekend.
already planning on the next.

Unknown said...

Hope you're home safe! Can't wait to read your next chapters!

Pearl said...

Hi Nancy!
Awww your so sweet! I'm definantly no star! but you made me smile.
Thanks for stoping by and posting a comment. Wasnt SPARK just amazing! I'm still talking about it to everyone!
You have an adorable blog. I'm intrested to read more!
Keep in touch!