Friday, August 26, 2011

It's the little moments

Hope you had a great week! I was really busy at the office and so mine flew by and I'm ready for some down time and craft studio time!  Be sure you come back and visit soon, I have some fun things to share and I know you won't want to miss it!

Hoping all those on the East Coast stay safe while Hurricane Irene heads in for a visit, keeping you all in my prayers!

For now I leave you with this photo I took of the tree that fell on our house back in 2008 during Hurricane Ike.  It's amazing how during a devastation like that you can still find beauty!  As my hubby was cutting down the tree I took some time to take photos for the insurance company and to remember how precious life is. I know, the insurance adjuster doesn't want to see how pretty the cut down tree is but this shot was for me.

You can click HERE to see what IKE left us and on the photo to see it in a larger size.


jamie said...

great shot.
i think it's great.
and even square like an instagram...
i got instagram on the brain.
oh...and what could your news to share be?

Go Against The Grain said...

oh Ike.... lol