Sunday, June 26, 2011

Creating with a friend

Is what I did this weekend while in Georgetown Texas!  My friend Leslie is so talented in paper crafting, photography and more!  I headed on a road trip Saturday and was so excited that I would not only be visiting Leslie but going to Archivers (her idea), creating, chatting and seeing her family while I was there! They are some of the sweetest people you could ever ask to meet!  I was sad to have to leave Sunday morning but wanted to get back to my sweet Love Bug ;)

I loved seeing how Leslie's thought process was when sitting down to create!  She starts out by sketching her ideas and then pulling the papers, inks, punches and embellishments she wants to work with.  Let me tell you this woman is a class act and is very careful to make it all look just right!  The funny thing is that some of it she does quickly without hesitating and it looks amazing.  Where as I will sit there for 5 minutes trying to place my letters or making sure that the swipe of the paint is just right.  I appreciate the time she took out in her weekend to help me create this piece that she designed!

Click on photos to see in a larger size
Please keep in mind that this was my first time sewing on paper, and using my new Copic Sketch Pens.  I have lots of practicing to do but she was a great teacher and I think it didn't turn out too bad ;)  

If you love this and want one for yourself or someone you know just go visit Leslie HERE and drop her a line.  She can customize it to what your little heart desires ;)  When you visit her blog you will see the piece that she created. She puts a lot of effort and pride into every piece of art that she creates!
Thanks for stopping in and hope you have a great week!!


Leslie Anne Avila said...

Awe,*blushing*. You forgot to talk about my control issues when teaching. Lol my motto that I always tell my kids when they craft is, " there are no mistakes in art!" you did a wonderful job and needed little guidance. I'm especially impressed with shading ...on your first go around! I forgot to give you some copic paper to stamp on.
Hugs from Georgetown,
P.S. Please move to Georgetown, so you could be closer to us and to Archivers! You forgot to mention your lead foot when sewing! Im going to nickname you Speed Racer! Lol
Or Gunner! Gun the engin

Barbara said...

Nancy it looks FAB! I'm sure it looks even better up close.
Everything that I've seen you do
always looks great. I must say that Leslie is one talented Lady.

Ady said...

What a great project. I love all the detail within the project. I'm glad you had fun...