Monday, May 9, 2011

Rose Photo Revisited

Before I do a post about our Mother’s day gathering I wanted to share the rose photo I shared on Mother’s Day again but with some actions and a texture applied.  Not sure if you have come across many photography blogs that have shared photos with this milky look to the photo and sometimes a texture.  I like some photos I have seen, usually the ones of flowers  and landscape look sort of cool to me but I’m not a huge fan of this look on photos of people.  What are your thoughts?

Rose 5.8.11

Rose 5.8.11

If you are interested in the linen texture you can find it HERE, I saved it in its original size then added it over the photo in it’s own layer but only after I took the saturation to zero so it was no longer blue.  I then put the linen layer over the photo and adjusted the opacity to my liking.

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