Sunday, May 1, 2011

life happens

Long and deep post, a reality check
 so if you dare read on......


I have always been the kind of girl who
wanted to be friends with everyone. Yep, EVERYONE,
well with the nice girls.  Boo on the mean girls!

Over the years I have had some amazing friendships!
Sadly, many of those friendships are no more.
Why? Well... life happened...

To my dismay many of the women that I used to call friend
are no longer in my life and it has made me so sad.
Some of those friendships seemed perfect on the outside
but on the inside they weren’t the healthiest of friendships.
But still, I miss some of those old friends, why?
Well, I tend to hang on to a lot of the good memories more so
than the unhealthy part of the friendships.
Then there are those friendships that were healthy on the inside 
and out but life simply got in the way. 

But, as I get older I am learning to accept God’s plan for me
he wants me to be the best person I can be. He wants that
for all of us and we are so blessed to have him leading us!

Sometimes, I get so mad at him! Why? Why do you bring
friends into my life only to allow them to walk away?
He takes his sweet time answering and that often frustrates me!
But then when he is ready to clue me in it hits me like 
a ton of bricks and then it’s a WOW moment!
Know what I mean?

Blogging, has become a new means of making friends for me!
Sometimes I think it’s sorta sad that some of my closest friends
are those who live so far that the women I carry on conversations
with via our blogs, Facebook, Twitter or texting are the women I find myself reaching out to.

Then God steps in and shows me that if I just let go 
and let him lead the way that it will all be OK.
I’m done fighting it, this morning I woke up and sent my new 
online friend Alisa a reply to a sweet email she had gifted me with. It was then, as I wrote her back 
that I knew that it was time.

Time to let go of those lost friendships and accept
all the new friends that he has brought me. 
Time to be thankful for
some of the old friendships that I thought 
had been lost but have recently been rekindled.
I simply need to let go of the resentment I feel for some of 
those old friends and accept my new found friendships.

So what I can’t pick up the phone and ask to meet 
up at a moments notice with some of my 
new friends at the local coffee shop 
or meet for a day of shopping!  
What I can do is accept those new friendships, 
cultivate them and learn from them. 

Everyone is brought into our lives for one reason or another, at least I like to think so.

The new friendships I have made since I started blogging are turning out be such a blessing and from them I am learning so many new things about life, about me and 
what friendships mean to me.

Today is a new a new day, a new month and a new chance to
make life what I want it to be, what God wants it to be,
because he knows best, he really does.

If you made it this far Thank You! Thanks for
allowing me to let all this out and for your time!
Thanks for your friendship and for your inspiration!

Items used to create art piece:

Floral mix and brushes are from Rhonna Farrer found here the ledger paper and flash card fall junque from the House of 3 found here and small tape piece from set called tape it up found here.

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Sheri Twing said...

Well said Nancy! Great post!